Dr. Doreley Coll

Dr. Doreley C. Coll studied Philology and Political Science at the Universities of Toronto and Alberta (Canada). Her fascination has been interdisciplinary studies. She is interested in the interstices between the Social Sciences and Humanities.

She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto (Canada) and the MA and BA at the University of Alberta (Canada). Dr. Coll was a lead Faculty Investigator in team Wekimün (2012-17), a project financed by the Department of Global Affairs (Government of Canada), in partnership with the Williche Council of Chiefs of Chiloé (Chile). Wekimun improved the quality of life of the Williche youth and their island communities. She is the Coordinator of the Master in Global Affairs. A joint Master offered by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) and UPEI (Charlottetown). She has taught at the University of Salamanca (Spain), Queen's University (Canada), University of Alberta (Canada), University of Toronto (Canada), and has been a guest lecture at many European and South American Universities.

Her administrative experience at the University of Prince Edward Island includes two terms as Chair of the Department of Modern Languages. She has been a member of UPEI Senate numerous times, and has served on many different committees across campus. She is the present Coordinator of Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Arts (UPEI).