Working with Coffee

As part of the Academic Requirements, the Master in Global Affairs program will offer students the opportunity to gain experience in the professional international field by completing an internship period of roughly 2-3 months or writing a small thesis in a similar time frame. 

The objective of the internship program is to give the students a first-hand impression of what it is like to work day-to-day with different international organizations, NGO´s and important private sector organizations.

The internship program will be offer to the 20% of the students, those with the best academic achievements and all the courses and subjects passed. Students will be given the opportunity to work as part of an organization — teams, working directly with outstanding and inspiring career professionals and senior management, participating in meetings, and contributing with reports and analysis about different topics.

As a student entering the world of diplomacy and public policy, an internship could be the necessary start.Some of our students have been placed in a variety of internship programs, depending on their own interests and goals. Some of these internships include:


United Nations Found Population Program (New York), National Council for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Mexico City), Spanish Committee for UNICEF (Madrid), Council on International Law and Politics (Chicago, Strasbourg), Research project for Fair Trade in Mexico (Strasbourg, Brussels).

Students will additionally be asked to write a small report about their experience throughout the internship period 


In order to end the MGA program all the students have to do a "tesina" or minor thesis that will be done over a period of three months following the end of classes. The student may choose the topic of their thesis as long as it relates to global affairs. Their work will be overseen by a supervisor to help guide their research and the overall outline and structure of the paper. This is a published piece of work that will help students gain more knowledge in their area of expertise while acting as an impressive addition to their accomplishments.