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Dr. John Vanleeuwen

Full Professor of Epidemiology and Ruminant Health Management

Dr. Vanleeuwen graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in 1988 and worked as a veterinarian in Nova Scotia & Ontario for 4 years. He finished a MSc (1993) and PhD (1997) in epidemiology at OVC and has been working at AVC as a professor since 1997 as a ½ time Farm Service Clinician and a ½ time Epidemiologist in classrooms and on farms in PEI and other places in the world. 
He has been the primary supervisor for over 30 graduate students, and was on the supervisory committee for over 20 graduate students. He has provided supervision for 8 residents in Farm Service. He has supervised over 60 undergraduate students during summer jobs that usually supported graduate students in their research projects.  

Furthermore, he was a lead on proposed research that was funded and worth over $12 million, and a collaborator on other research worth over $10 million. Most of the funding involved graduate student research. The research has included areas within One Health writ large, along with non-zoonotic infectious and non-infectious diseases affecting ruminant health management. A large portion of his research is devoted to understanding and improving the health, welfare and management of dairy cattle on smallholder dairy farms in Kenya in collaboration with other professors, graduate students and undergraduate students from Canada and Kenya.​
He has taught in 6 different graduate level courses, coordinating most of them at some time. He has taught and coordinated numerous undergraduate courses at AVC that helped to build a solid foundation for the students and has been involved in numerous international, national, regional, provincial, community, and UPEI service related directly or indirectly to administration for undergraduate and graduate student funding and other opportunities.