February 26, 2020

Its Almost Moving Time for Mga Students 


Sandra Out, an MGA student from Ghana, takes some final photos as she says good-bye to Madrid while standing in front of the iconic Cybele Palace (Madrid’s, City Hall).  The 2019-2020 MGA cohort are quickly concluding their time in Spain as they enter the next stage of the program in early March. Sandra elaborates on her experience of the MGA program while in Madrid:

"The structure of the program has made it easy to explore the diversified areas of Global Affairs in the Spanish environment..the conferences we are exposed to and the tutors have allowed me to build connections and have discussions from people from all over the world. After experiencing the program in Madrid, I can't wait to see what Strasbourg has to offer. I definitely, recommend this experience for everyone interested in Global Affairs and Diplomacy".

Students will officially begin classes in Strasbourg, France on the 16th of March. They will be submerged in European politics and diplomacy for two months as Strasbourg is home to the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and the European Court of Human Rights. Students will be expected to attend sessions at these institutions and meet with Council Members, Members of Parliament to compliment their prior studies giving them a robust educational experience in the field of Global Affairs.